We're here all year.


Accomodation :


  • selfcontained cabin, secluded, away from the marina
  • queen sized bed, all linens and bedding provided
  • two twin sized beds upstairs
  • bathroom
  • kitchen
  • combined living and dining area
  • woodstove to keep you warm
  • stunning views over Mt.Reid

Twin beds in upstairs loft.


Picture of cabin to be published.

The cabin in Kwatsi bay was built in Echo Bay by Bill Proctor's youngest daughter Patti. When she left the Broughtons to raise goats in Saskatchewan, she sold the cabin to us. In 2005 we pulled the house off Bill Proctor's land onto a float made of big logs.

The float (and the house) were then towed to Kwatsi bay. We winched the cabin onto our property and started the renovations.

The cabin is a bit of quintessential West Coast,it has been moved from land on water and back onto land.


Marina services:

  • moorage
  • most extensive gift store in the Broughtons
  • shower
  • wireless internet service
  • daily happy hour or potluck dinner
  • friendly, helpful service and relaxed atmosphere
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